When You Travel - Most Important Rules For The Single Woman

Every single woman traveling alone in most countries is a target for being hassled or hustled by some guy.  If you keep your wits about you and never lose your cool, you can turn every one of these situations around.  Look around you and there is always a way of changing the rules of the game to give you, the single woman, the advantage.   Remember, the chauvinistic creep that is trying to hustle you, made up the rules for the game he's playing....so don't play his game ...make it your game, you make the rules. 

Also 4 important tips:

  1. Never take a drink that you didn't see poured.
  2. Never smoke out of someone else's pipe.
  3. Never smoke a joint you didn't roll yourself.
  4. Always carry an emergency whistle 
Most important rule: Stay in the bar with your friends and don’t leave alone with strangers no matter how cute you think they are.  That's how you play the game!!!


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