Traits of A Successful Traveler

To become a successful traveler, you need the ability to channel your energy to chart the best trips.  The key to this is understanding your limitations or what you are not proficient at, because this lets you focus on those things that you’re good at and by so doing helps you in mapping out your trips.

Looking ahead as opposed to always being absorbed with the past lets you chart new courses in life. If the great explorers had been satisfied with reliving their history we would not have discovered the new world. History is good for giving us a frame of reference for our future exploits. Past trips are simply milestones against which future progress is to be measured.

Understanding what needs to be done is only part of the game and does not guarantee success. The real secret to being a successful traveler lies in knowing what not to do. This helps you maintain a steady course towards your ultimate goal and keeps you from straying off course and constantly wasting time on unsuccessful ventures.

Charting the correct trips is only the first step. Once we set out, staying on course is the critical part of the journey that gets us to where we need to go.

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