Ten Tips For Becoming a Successful Traveler

When traveling around the world it is necessary to really manage the everyday aspects of your travel itinerary. Here are some basic tips to help you be a successful traveler and be on top of your travels as you wander from country to country.

  1. Think Inside the Box – “Their Box not Yours”
    If the situation concerns a citizen, think like the citizen to get a handle on how he/she feels or what he/she needs. Similarly, if it has to do with a fellow traveler or transportation employee, think like that person. You always get relevant ideas when you try to think inside their box.
  2. Learn Something New Everyday
    A successful traveler needs to have a handle on all facets of travel. Always keep learning especially about those things you’re not proficient at. You don’t have to know how to do them but you do need to understand if they are being done correctly.
  3. Learn to Delegate
    You can’t do it all. Delegate responsibility to others and provide them with the
    tools they need to be successful. Look over their shoulder and be ready to give help when and where needed.
  4. Learn to Fly at 30,000 feet
    You need not only to understand the details of the trip but also to be able to fly high enough to see the forest from the trees. You need to operate at ground level where the reality exists but every now and then, you need the ability to soar to heights to keep the big picture in perspective.
  5. Listen Well and Hear
    Some of us try to listen but do not communicate. There is a knack to listening well and getting the essence of the story. Only then can you appreciate the pain points and do something to bring relief to them.
  6. Spin a Wide Web
    Your network or web is your lifeline and should have links in all of the important areas of your travel: finance, legal, insurance, transit/customs relations, day-to-day operations, people relations, to name a few. Populate this network with strong people who can offer you wise advice and counsel.
  7. Think Solution not Problem
    Always see the opportunity for a solution and not the negatives of the problem.
    Listen well, and then think in their box. When you approach the daily issues this way, both citizens and travel employees want to cooperate and help you resolve the issue.
  8. Set Big Goals
    If your goals are too small, they can be easily attained and in no time you will become bored. Always reach for the stars understanding that you are standing on the ground.
  9. Be Humble
    Both citizens and travel employees relate well to humility. Arrogance tends to get in the way of simple communication. Also understand that you can’t do it all and be ready to ask for help when needed.
  10. Have Fun
    It is hard work but nothing says that you can’t have fun doing it. This helps to keep your morale high and definitely helps with people relations.

Travel may be hard work but paying attention to these ten basic pointers can go a long way to keeping your trips running well.

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