Sound People Relationships Are Built On Good Communications

If you want to build a sound relationship with members of the indigent population in the country you are visiting, you need to focus on communicating well with him/her. There are 7 caveats to good communications and here they are:

  1. Context
    Who is the audience and what do you want them to do?
  2. Content
    What single question is your communication designed to answer? Do you have the answer already or do you need to research it and if so, what information do you need?
  3. Components
    Can the information you need be broken into modules and what is the most fundamental chunk of information?
  4. Cuts
    Can you be concise and to the point? People’s attention drifts quickly.
  5. Composition
    How will you engage your audience and keep their attention.
  6. Contrast
    Can you highlight the differences that are important by using contrasts?
  7. Consistency
    Your audience is easily distracted so can you keep things like font, color and spacing consistent?

Here is a good example of poor communications from the very top

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