Sometimes you need to walk in their shoes

Whenever I land in a new country, before I can figure out which end is up, one of the first things I do is walk out into the street and try to talk to passersby to see how a typical citizen of that city feels and relates to me.  I try to walk in their shoes to experience a little of what they are.

Too many travelers never set foot among the great unwashed citizens of the country they are visiting so they never get to hear or feel what the common man/woman do, nor do they ever walk among them as they carry out the everyday tasks of their lives. (Even if and when they do, they’d get the special treatment because of the way they are dressed or the company they are with).

If you never walk in their shoes and get a feel for what is going on, how can you experience the culture of the place you’re visiting.  Get out, relax, mingle with the people you are visiting, you’ll be surprised……

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