Nine Nevers For The Inexperienced Traveler

Here are nine things you never do when you are starting out traveling.
1. Never settle on a travel opportunity too quickly. There is no penalty box for missing this one.
2. Never choose a trip you will not enjoy even if the price appears awfully good.
3. Never concentrate only on the positives of a trip. Always look at both sides of the equation.
4. Never start on a trip before you know that it will be an enjoyable one.
5. Never invest all of the family jewels on one trip. Always leave some for a rainy day.
6. Never select a trip where the sights are too plentiful. Try betting at a table with lower stakes.
7. Never invest in a trip that is the cheapest one on the block.
8. Never fly by the seat of your pants. Always weigh each trip decision carefully.
9. Never forget to test the waters first no matter how calm they appear.


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