For A Few $ More To Your Friendly Travel Agent

Travel Agents should be viewed as providing solutions to your (the traveler’s) problems and making you happy and satisfied. They, your friendly travel agents, are the experts with regards to what they are providing and their job is to understand your needs and fulfill them to the best of their ability, and then some.

So once they have done this and matched the trip or tour to your need and closed the deal, what then?

They up-sell or cross-sell.

Up selling is when they encourage you to spend more money for additional features or functionality. They are upping or increasing the amount you are spending with them.

Example: You come in to buy your daughter a high school graduation present and settle on a 7-day trip to Hawaii. The travel agent takes the opportunity to let you understand that most girls who take that trip love it better over 10 days so you get the 10-day trip and spend more.

Cross-selling is when you make a buy decision and at the same time they offer you items that are related, to perhaps complement the purchase.

Example: Just as you get ready to pay, the travel agent points to a land based tour package and tells you that the happiest girls are the ones who also get that tour because they go so well together and makes the girls feel so mature and sophisticated.

You reach deeper into your wallet…

These techniques should be viewed as the travel agent taking the opportunity to make you aware of additional features or options to enhance your purchase because, whether it be for you, a relative or a friend, it increases the benefit of the purchase.

They also should not be viewed as manipulative techniques but rather as a form of increased customer service. They the agents, are the experts on trips and tours and are giving informed suggestions and making you aware of options that you may not know exist.


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