Before You Travel – Storage And Access To Important Papers

Most people find it difficult to store and organize important papers when they are traveling to foreign countries.  Visa related documents can be most important when traveling to a foreign country. You normally need access to these documents, but you need not take these papers along with you in physical form. Traveling with these documents can also be problematic as you run the risk of losing them by way of theft or mishap. The best way to have quick and easy access to these important documents is to store them digitally in the cloud with an application like Dropbox. Open an account and store them so that you can retrieve these papers by document viewing anywhere and anytime you so desire.

Do not forget to take a photo of your passport identification page as well as passport pages with visas.  Store these photos in your Dropbox account.  Another important document to store is your last will and copies of real estate titles and leases in your name.  Also store your medical records, a copy of medical prescriptions and X-rays that you have undergone lately. By storing all important documents in a digital form, you can breathe easy as you know they will remain safe and you can have access to them whenever you need to show them to authorities.

There are some other important documents to store digitally. These relate to your identity and include your birth certificate, marriage certificate, social security card, driver’s license, National identification card, divorce decree, the letter detailing benefits of your pension plan, statement detailing your social security benefits, your bank account numbers, and telephone numbers of banks in which you hold these accounts. Of course, it sounds tiring to do all this work but storing them digitally takes only a few minutes. Once you have these documents stored in a digital format, you can relax and move freely without any tension in your mind.

Inform your post office that you are going on a trip abroad and request them to hold on to your mail.  You can also enlist a virtual mailing service which gives you a physical address, that you can set as your permanent address, and to which you can direct all your mail. When you receive mail, the virtual mailing service will alert you to its arrival by emailing you a scan of the envelope. You can then direct them to do any of the following:

  • Open the letter, scan the contents, and email them to you
  • Forward the letter to your current address
  • Recycle or shred the letter

Through this service you can have access to important letters and notices as your virtual mailing service opens, scans and then sends them to you through email.

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