4 Reasons Why Women Make Better Travelers

Women Travelers

After years of studying both women travelers and their male counterparts, we figured out who make better wanderers.  Our conclusion was that women are better travelers and there are 4 main reasons why.

Women travelers interact better
The key to a successful trip is understanding the local people and culture. This can only happen if the traveler does his or her homework to learn about the people and the places of interest and get a very basic handle on their customs. The next logical step would be to create a schedule of places to visit and build a series of outings that support learning the key components of the local culture. Men understand this but unlike women who interact with full attention, men tend to immediately try to solution the situation even before it is fully understood.

They multitask better
Having a successful trip demands the ability to do several things concurrently and there is no tomorrow for most of these tasks.  Men tend to charge after one situation and after they run over it like a bull in a china shop they then turn to the next. They do have successes but these are consecutive and not concurrent and consequently they win battles but end up losing the war. Women have the ability to juggle with many tasks and keep multiple balls in the air.

They pay more attention to detail
Men are so intent on finding the solution to a problem that they tend to gloss over the details in order to get at the solution.  Women pay attention to all of the gory details and tend to have to get it just right or they just keep working at it.  Just look at how a woman hangs a picture and then let the guy do the same and inspect the results.

They elicit more trust
In a world where people interaction is the key to success, the local citizenry needs to feel that they are being respected. Women have better interpersonal relationship skills and can make a stranger feel more attended to.  People tend to trust women more and feel more taken care of.  Men have a tendency to be more confrontational and end up creating even more friction.

These conclusions will not be accepted gracefully by many of my male travel contemporaries. My one comment to you is to look inside and really see if you exhibit some of the tendencies I have pointed out. If you do, this is a good opportunity to start working on improving them.


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